Shocker!… Dems Scream Racism Over Republican Ad Then Are Busted Passing Out Bogus KKK Flyers!

Amazing Update Below…

Everyone Remember: If You Mention Obama In an Ad– You’re a Racist.

** This is the same party that excuses the vile racist rants of Barack Obama’s pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright.
** This is the same party that currently has 92% of blacks voting along racial lines.
** This is the same party that has a former KKK kleagle representing them in the US Senate.
They have no shame.

Regardless of their own behavior and history— the Democratic plan for this fall is already in full swing.

Any time a Republican mentions the most liberal politician currently serving in the US Senate in one of their ads…
Or, any time a Republican mentions the violent anti-American and anti-Semitic rants from this senator’s pastor, mentor and father-figure in an ad…
they will be labeled a racist.

Republican Greg Davis is running in a special election today in Mississippi against liberal Democrat Travis Childers.
Travis Childers said he was not endorsed by the liberal Senator Obama. This was not true and Davis nails him for it in a campaign ad:
(Warning: Racist ad below!)

Guess what?
Now, the Democrats and their lackeys in the media are screaming “RACISM!”
The New York Times reported:

Hoping to hang on to a Congressional seat in a tight special election here on Tuesday, Republicans in this mostly white and very conservative district are trying to make the vote more a referendum on Senator Barack Obama than on the candidates themselves.

In advertisements and speeches, Republicans have repeatedly associated Travis Childers, the white Democrat threatening to take the seat away from the Republican Party, with Mr. Obama. Republicans say Mr. Obama’s liberal values are out of place in the district. But for many Democratic veterans here, the tactic is a throwback to the old and unwelcome politics of race, a standby in Mississippi campaigning.

Former Gov. William Winter, a Democrat, expressed shock at the current campaign.

“I am appalled that this blatant appeal to racial prejudice is still being employed,” said Mr. Winter, who lost the 1967 governor’s race after his segregationist opponent circulated handbills showing blacks listening to one of his speeches. Mr. Winter went on to win the governor’s office 12 years later.

“I had thought we had gotten past that,” Mr. Winter said. “That was a tactic that was used against me in the 1960s.”

The Republican candidate, Greg Davis, said in an interview he was not raising racial issues, but was instead pointing out that his conservative values made him a better fit for the district.

“We’ve run ads against him with John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi,” said Mr. Davis, referring to Mr. Childers. “Just because one of them happens to be African-American has no bearing on it.” Mr. Davis, 42, is a former state representative who is now mayor of Southaven, a fast-growing Memphis suburb.

If Democrats think their racial fear-mongering is going to prevent Republicans from presenting Obama as a Far Left liberal with shady associations,
they can dream on.
…No matter how much they scream racism.

UPDATE: After screaming racism- Democrats are caught dropping off KKK flyers the day before the election!
Michelle Malkin and Yall Politics reported:

On Monday afternoon (5/12), the DCCC was pushing the following ad on the streets of the district.

…This ad certainly begs some questions. First, if the DCCC was so proud of the message, why not put it on TV with the $1,000,000 they dropped in the campaign? Second, why only drop this on the street one day before the election? Would it be so that no press would pick up on it?

Conservative Belle and Liberal Smash have more.

UPDATE 2: The Democrat won the Congressional seat tonight.
The GOP loses another safe Republican seat.

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