RNCC Chair Offers New Slogan For '08– "Better Cover Your A$$"

The Change You Deserve?
–Republicans Rocked in Mississippi

You may have heard by now that House Republicans were planning on coming out with a new slogan this week to energize the base. After working for weeks on this new slogan Republicans came up with this:

The Change You Deserve

Unfortunately, it was immediately pointed out by the Left that this was already the marketing slogan for Effexor, an anti-depressant.


Last night brought more bad news to Republicans…
After a shameful display of dishonest race-baiting, Democrats won a special Congressional election in a historically Republican district in Mississippi that voted 62 percent for President Bush in 2004.

It was the third House seat won by Democrats in a formerly “safe” Republican district this year.

In response to the devastating loss in Mississippi, NRCC Chairman Tom Cole released the following statement:

“We are disappointed in tonight’s election results. Though the NRCC, RNC and Mississippi Republicans made a major effort to retain this seat, we came up short.

“Tonight’s election highlights two significant challenges Republicans must overcome this November. First, Republicans must be prepared to campaign against Democrat challengers who are running as conservatives, even as they try to join a liberal Democrat majority. Though the Democrats’ task will be more difficult in a November election, the fact is they have pulled off two special election victories with this strategy, and it should be a concern to all Republicans.

“Second, the political environment is such that voters remain pessimistic about the direction of the country and the Republican Party in general. Therefore, Republicans must undertake bold efforts to define a forward looking agenda that offers the kind of positive change voters are looking for. This is something we can do in cooperation with our Presidential nominee, but time is short.

I encourage all Republican candidates, whether incumbents or challengers, to take stock of their campaigns and position themselves for challenging campaigns this fall by building the financial resources and grassroots networks that offer them the opportunity and ability to communicate, energize and turn out voters this election.”

John Bresnahan at The Crypt described the current situation for Republicans looking ahead at this fall’s elections:

This whole statement is an admission by Cole that he does not now how House Republicans can win in November as a group, so each member better protect himself or herself. To his credit, Cole has been warning his members that they need to run as outsiders this fall, but beyond that general admonition, the Oklahoma Republican can’t show them a path to victory. It’s an extraordinary statement by the head of a national campaign committee…


More… Via Instapundit, Jerry Purnelle says, “The post-Gingrich Republicans who invented ‘big government conservatism’ have much to answer for.”

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