Red Ken Defeated in London Elections- Conservatives Romp

The communist Red Ken Livingstone was defeated today in London.
One Jerusalem is reporting this election news:

With over 35% of the votes counted our sources tell us that Conservative Boris Johnson has a considerable lead over Ken Livingstone. We reported that Johnson was leading in the polls before the election and given his comfortable margin, we now predict he will win.

This is good news for people around the world. Livingstone has publicly embraced the likes of Fidel Castro, Venezuela’s Chavez, and radical Islamists. In line with these preferences, Livingstone’s campaign is employing an advocate of suicide bombings, and he is co-chair of “Muslims4Ken”.

With today’s conservative romp in Great Britain Astute Bloggers ask: “WITH EUROPE HEADING SOLIDLY TO THE RIGHT, CAN THE USA HEAD LEFT?”

David Thompson has reaction from London.

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