Pelosi Makes Surprise Trip to Iraq– She Ought to Apologize

Pelosi was wrong.
Nancy Pelosi led the charge in Congress against the surge.
She said the surge was failing. She said the war was a failure.

She was wrong.
The surge has been a great success.
Al-Qaeda in Iraq has seen a 94% drop in attacks and has resorted to using children for their suicide attacks.
Even Al Qaeda admitted defeat this week.

Al Qaeda tracks their attacks and know they are defeated in Iraq.


But, Speaker Pelosi would have handed over Iraq to Al-Qaeda and Iran years ago.
It was all a political game to her.

Today Speaker Pelosi flew to Iraq for some sort of political theater.
Prime Ministr Maliki ought to refuse to see her. Last time she left a meeting with him she came back to declare defeat.

There must be some grand Democratic scheme brewing to get Pelosi to travel to Iraq. We ought to know more in the next week.

UPDATE: JWF— Antiwar Kook Visits Iraq

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