OOPS!! Obama Goofs– Wants More Arabic Speakers in Afghanistan (Video)


Barack Obama visited rural Cape Girardeau, Missouri yesterday.
During his speech he talked about the need for more Arabic speakers in Afghanistan.
Obama insisted:

“If they are all in Iraq, then its harder for us to use them in Afghanistan.”

The problem with this thinking is…
Afghans don’t speak Arabic.
They speak Dari and Pashto– Haider Ajina says the official language is Farsi.


Here’s the video:

The Political Radar has more on this latest foreign policy gaffe by Obama.

Here is the transcript from the speech in case the video gets yanked:

Obama advisors need to drop that talking point from their Iraq cut and run speech.
It doesn’t help with their argument.

Ed Morrissey notes another gaffe during the same Obama speech.

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