One-Eyed Female FARC Leader Says Terror Group Is Decimated

Nelly Avila Moreno, known as “Karina”, is rumored to have taken part in the murder of Alvaro Uribe’s father, a wealthy rancher who was killed in 1983.

Today, the one-eyed FARC leader urged her comrades to put down their weapons and join Colombian society:
(In Spanish- 45 seconds)

Over 1,100 FARC members have surrendered in the past year and joined a government-sponsored program that provides housing, job training and other benefits.

This violent FARC Leader is accused of cutting off a man’s penis and testicles, among other things.


Aljazeera reported:

Colombia’s best-known female rebel commander has said the Farc has been “decimated” by government attacks and a growing number of desertions.

Nelly Avila Moreno, known as “Karina”, turned herself in to soldiers over the weekend in the latest blow to Latin America’s oldest armed rebellion.

“I don’t know how they are at the moment at the national level, the only thing I know is that they are cracking,” Moreno said in the city of Medellin on Monday where the military presented her to reporters.

“I think the Farc are decimated.”

Moreno also called on Farc fighters to follow her lead and surrender to the Colombian military.

“To my comrades: Change this life that you are leading in the guerrilla group and re-enter society with the government’s reinsertion plan,” Avila told a news conference.

The one-eyed female terror leader is the highest ranking woman in FARC.
Chron Watch reported:

“She was known for her cruelty and daring, and for the massacres and beatings she ordered over 20 years with the guerrillas,” Defense Minister Juan Santos said. “So she was a very important military target.”

About 30 percent of the the fighters of the FARC — the Spanish acronym of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia — are thought to be women. But Avila was the first to command a “front,” the rebel equivalent of a small battalion of about 400 fighters.

After decades of eluding the authorities, five top rebels have been captured or killed by Colombia’s U.S.-backed army in the past year alone. The casualties included two members of the rebels’ ruling secretariat.

“This will be another blow to the FARC’s morale,” said Bogota political analyst Ariel Avila, who is not related to the guerrilla leader.

An additional 1,100 guerrillas, mostly foot soldiers, have simply surrendered in the past year and joined a government-sponsored program that provides housing, job training and other benefits for former fighters.

Now, Avila will join the program, although it wasn’t immediately clear whether she would also face criminal charges.

“What Karina has done is the path that all FARC members must take,” the army’s commander, Gen. Mario Montoya, said in a message aimed at the rebels. “Because if you don’t, sooner or later you will be neutralized.”

“We don’t want you dead. We want you alive.”

Starving FARC Leader Surrenders in Colombia–

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