More "White Hate" Discovered in Obama's Church Newsletters

Barack Obama announced yesterday on Meet the Press that he intends to continue attending Trinity United Church of Christ services after Reverend Wright retires in June.

So far, the media has not payed any attention to the racist America-hating literature distributed at the church.
But, that has not kept BizzyBlog from exposing the outrageous hateful articles included in the church newsletters.

Here is an article that appeared in the July 2005 newsletter.

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Here is a closer look at this bizarre Trinity Church newsletter article on “rhetorical ethic”:

The double standard spoken by Mayor Livingstone is another example of what Dr. Marimba Ani calls “Rhetorical Ethic.” Rhetorical ethic, according to Dr. Ani, is defined as: culturally structured European hypocrisy. It is a statement framed in terms of acceptable moral behavior towards others that is meant for rhetorical purposes only. Its purpose is to disarm intended victims of European cultural and political imperialism. It is meant for “export” only. It is not intended to have significance within the culture. Its essence is its deceptive effect in the service of European power.

The rhetorical ethic empowers Bush and Blair to claim to denounce terrorism while refusing to look in the mirror and at the Downing Street Memo to see how they have infected the world with a virus of hate and evil. The Downing Street Memo shows how they intentionally fixed facts and intelligence (or stupidity, depending on how you view it) in order to make themselves a war resulting in over hundreds of thousands dead- Americans and Iraqis.

Please do not be fooled by the games these people are playing. It is no more than rhetorical ethic.

Tom Blumer has more on this theme of “European Dominance” from the church newsletters.

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