Leading Democratic Blog Publishes Disgusting Anti-Semitic Piece For Israel's Birthday

The Left celebrates 60 Years of Israel…

The leading Democratic blog celebrates the founding of the State of Israel by publishing a disgusting anti-Semitic tirade.

Charles Johnson and Right Wing News discovered this celebratory post on The Daily Kos.
Here’s a sampling:

Eulogy before the Inevitability of Self-Destruction: The Decline and Death of Israel

…Before the covetous Zionist movement multiply like cancer cells, there was a degree of harmony between the Palestinian Arab and the Semite Jew of Israelite origin who share ethnic heritage in common as the descendants of Abraham. This peace and positive relationship has been rendered moot by the Zionists hell-bent on uprooting Palestine by chipping away every parcel of existing land, by force and violence, for large-scale thievery, not much different from the Spainards who subjugated the Caribbean and Mesoamerica native populations to genocide by termination, slavery and cruelty soon after the “exalted” arrival of Columbus.

…It is a matter of Israeli policy to engage in militaristic war cry of ultra-nationalistic morale, deception, cruelty, thievery, subversion, assassination, sabotage and warfare by belligerence to achieve its objectives for supreme rule.

It’s just the American Left’s special way of saying, “Happy Birthday Israel.”


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