Israel Scores Major Victory– Al-Dura Episode a Hoax

Israel won a major battle against the biased Western media yesterday.
A court backed activist Philippe Karsenty who called iconic Palestinian ‘martyrdom’ film a hoax.
He was accused of libeling a French state-owned television channel.
This was not just good news for Karsenty but for all of Israel.

Scene from France 2’s footage showing Mohammed al-Dura and his father purportedly under fire from Israeli soldiers. (WND)
It was a hoax.

French court decides that the al-Dura report was a hoax.
World Net Daily reported:

The French Court of Appeals issued a ruling today favoring an activist who claims the purported shooting death of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy – used to spark the “Al Aqsa intifada,” or uprising – was a hoax.

The court overturned a lower court decision against Jewish activist Philippe Karsenty, who had been convicted of libeling a French state-owned television channel and its Jerusalem correspondent, Charles Enderlin, the Jerusalem Post reported. Karsenty contended France 2 knowingly misled the world about the event in the Gaza Strip in September 2000.

Karsenty told the Jerusalem paper today’s verdict “means we have the right to say France 2 broadcast a fake news report, that [al-Dura’s shooting] was a staged hoax and that they duped everybody – without being sued,” he said.

Israel Matsav has much more on this story.

Richard Landes of Pallywood fame, who has been a driving force behind this effort, has a roundup of reaction to this ruling.
Richard also has a collection of articles and events surrounding the al-Dura affair.

Phyllis Chesler reams The New York Times for their report on the story.

** Pajamas Media scored the first article by Philippe Karsenty on the court’s ruling yesterday.

The Belmont Club has a history of the al-Dura hoax.
Hat Tip BG

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