Iraqi Minister: Uncircumcised Mossad Agents Have Infiltrated Al-Qaeda

Carl in Jerusalem passed on this shocking video from MEMRI TV.

Here is the translated text from the MEMRI TV clip of an interview with the Deputy Governor of the Salah Al-Din district in Iraq, Abdallah Hussein Jabara, which aired on Al-Arabiya TV on April 25, 2008:

Abdallah Hussein Jabara: You might surprised if I told you that after some Al-Qaeda Emirs were killed, we found out that they were not Muslims to begin with.

Interviewer: What do you mean “not Muslims”? Were they of other religions?

Jabara: Let me give you an example. I heard this directly from someone who left Al-Qaeda. He used to operate in the Al-Tharthar region, near Samara. He came to me after leaving Al-Qaeda, and he divulged a lot of information. I asked him why he had left, and he told me it was after the Emir married the daughter of one of the Iraqi fighters. Once they were married, the girl told her father that by no means could this man be a Muslim, because he was not circumcised. The guy said to me: “We examined [the Emir], confirmed this, and killed him.” This is why I am confident this is true.

Interviewer: But what would make a non-Muslim… As you know, these people are motivated by Jihad. They go to Iraq to carry out operations. Otherwise, what is their goal?

Jabara: If you study the body of literature about intelligence activity, you will find that some of the agencies of the Israeli Mossad prepare people for decades to go into action one day.

Interviewer: So you claim that Al-Qaeda has been infiltrated by intelligence agencies other than the Iranian intelligence?

Jabara: Absolutely.

Interviewer: By whom?

Jabara: The Israeli Mossad plays a major role in Al-Qaeda. It uses many methods in its operating of Al-Qaeda. This is not the first time I am saying this, but…

Interviewer: We are a little confused here.

Jabara: Don’t be. This is very true.

It’s true.

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