Iranians Arrested in Lebanon For Stalking Anti-Syrian Official

Three Iranians were arrested in Lebanon after stalking anti-Syrian Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea. The Iranians said they were students at an Arab university but could not speak Arabic and needed a Farsi translator.
Naharnet reported:

Three Iranians and a Lebanese man living in Hizbullah-controlled south Beirut were arrested last week on charges of monitoring the residence of Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea in Meerab, security sources reported Friday.

The report came hours after Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat accused Hizbullah of monitoring a Beirut airport runway used by executive jets and warned against a terrorist attack targeting an aircraft using the facility.

The sources told a local newsletter the four men were spotted in a rented car near Geagea’s residence last week.


Upon checking the plate number of the red-painted car it was found owned by a car rental company based in south Beirut and it had been rented to three Iranians and a Lebanese man.

Police interrogated the four who claimed to have lost their way as they were on a trip along the “Jesus Trail”, and ended up in Meerab, northeast of Beirut.

Jesus Christ, according to biblical history, visited south Lebanon and may have reached as far as the Sidon coastline, 45 kilometers south of Beirut.

Meerab, however, is almost 80 kilometers north of Sidon.

One of the Iranian suspects said in his testimony that he visits Lebanon because he is married to a Lebanese woman. The two others said they were students at the Beirut Arab University and the Islamic University, respectively.

The three, however, did not know Arabic and asked for interpretation to Farsi during their interrogation, which sounded strange, especially for alleged students at BAU and IU that teach in Arabic.

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