Iranian Regime Marks Birthday of "Stinking Corpse" Israel

The Iranian regime celebrated the 60 year birthday of the “stinking corpse” of Israel with tombstones…

Iranian President Ahmadinejad promised the end of the “dying regime” is near and said that celebrating Israel’s birthday will not give life to the dead body.
Al Bawaba reported:

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday denounced the 60th anniversary of Israel’s establishment. Speaking to domestic and foreign reporters, the Iranian leader said “celebrating birth anniversary for a dead will not have any effect on it nor will the presence of those who intend to attend the ceremony be of any help in giving a life to the dead body.”

“Those who are to gather in the occupied land in Palestine and attend the ceremony marking the establishment of the illegal regime assume that their action would help bolster the declining regime,” said the Ahmadinejad, according to IRNA. The world public opinion understands that holding such a ceremony indicates the weakness and decline of the fabricated regime, said the president.


The sign reads, “England we will take revenge on you for Palestine.”(ISNA)


Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah was honored at the Iranian protest. (AP)

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