Holy Christofascism!… Italian Goof Jailed For Offending Christianity

Holy Christofascism!
Gabriele Paolini, an Italian activist, was jailed this week for 5 months for offending the state religion.
Gabriele became famous for his antics behind the camera on Italian television:

Gabriele said he was only promoting the use of the condoms after a dear friend of his died of AIDS.
But, his desire for attention may more accurately describe his behavior.
AKI Kronos reported:

An Italian activist and TV personality has been sentenced to five months in jail for calling the late Pope John Paul II ‘gay’ and offending state religion.

In 2005 Gabriele Paolini positioned himself behind a live TV broadcast in Rome and yelled ‘offensive’ words against the Pope, calling him gay, as the state television channel RAI was updating its viewers about the pontiff’s delicate health.

Italian law forbids the interruption of a public service and any offenders can be punished with up to one year in jail. Anyone found guilty of offending Christianity, Italy’s state religion, can be punished with up to two years in prison.

Paolini, 33, began interrupting TV broadcasts, advocating safe sex and the use of the condom, after his best friend died of AIDS because he had unprotected sex with a prostitute.

In Italy they jail their unhinged activists.
In the US they run for Congress.
…Or, as Juandos pointed out, president.

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