Ho-Hum… Iran Releases "Beyond Fitna" …World Yawns

UPDATE: Hah! The Iranian regime’s release of “Beyond Fitna” has been out on the internet for over 12 hours now.

So far there have been exactly:

** 0 Christian riots
** 0 Embassies torched
** 0 Imams murdered
** 0 death threats
** And, 0 major media reports on its release.


* * * * *

Enraged Pakistanis rally against the movie “Fitna” earlier this month. (AFP)

Christians: Grab your guns! Gather your explosives!
Get ready to riot, burn embassies and kill people!

Myrtus found a link to Iran’s movie rebuttal to Geert Wilder’s Fitna movie.

The Iranian directors managed to find clips from “60 Minutes” and CNN to put together their rebuttal. Personally, my favorite part was where they blame the US for the exagerrated 650,000 deaths in Iraq– when in reality 95% of the Muslim deaths in Iraq were by other Muslims.

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UPDATE: Ardeshir Dolat has more on the Fitna films.

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