Hillary Spanks Obama in Kentucky …Update: BOXER BOY Is in the Audience!! …Update: Obama Celebrates Oregon Win in Iowa?

Hillary Spanks Obama 65% to 35% in Kentucky!

UPDATE: The traveling Hillary plant known as “Boxer Boy” for the bright red boxer gloves he wears is planted again behind Hillary in the Kentucky audience tonight!

The traveling audience plant was spotted in (left to right) Pennsylvania, Indiana, and West Virginia and he made it to Kentucky tonight. He’s in the audience planted behind Hillary Clinton!

Here he is again in Kentucky…

It may not pay much… But, it’s a job.


Here is video of Hillary Clinton’s traveling audience plant in the audience behind Hillary in Kentucky:
(18 seconds)

Check out the right side of the screen for the bright red boxing gloves.


32% Of Kentucky Democrats Would Vote For Senator John McCain

FOX News reported:

Hillary Clinton has won the Kentucky Democratic primary, FOX News projects.

Exit polls indicate that the New York senator is winning by at least 2-to-1. She is capturing almost every demographic group, doing particularly well among the large group of white, working-class voters in the state.

Votes are still being counted in Oregon, which also is holding its primary, and early returns are not expected until later in the night. Polls closed Tuesday in Kentucky at 7 p.m. ET.

Barack Obama appeared ready to capture a majority of pledged delegates once the results of both contests are known. But he told FOX News earlier in the day he hasn’t “declared victory.”

With just 16 percent of precincts reporting in Kentucky, Clinton was leading 51-to-46 percent.

Seventy-one percent of white voters, 78 percent of seniors and 68 percent of voters without college degrees went for Clinton in Kentucky, according to FOX News exit polls.

The exit polls also showed 64 percent of Clinton voters still think the New York senator will take the nomination.

Pajamas Media is following the action today.

UPDATE 2: Obama celebrates his Oregon win in Iowa… There’s probably a lot of Iowans suffering buyers remorse tonight after that Wright controversy.

There is no way Obama would have taken Iowa if the G-damn Wright tapes would have been released in December.

Obama is calling for parents to shut off the TV and read to children.
That goes with his theme yesterday: “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK.”

That’s odd– Obama repeats his politics of fear line.

It’s over. Boy, what an empty speech.
Just words.

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