Hillary Is Schooled By O'Reilly- Shows Weakness on National Security

Hillary: There is no military solution in Iraq– But, there is in Afghanistan(?)

Hillary Clinton was a guest on the The Factor tonight for the second part of an interview with Bill O’Reilly.

Her arguments for pulling out of Iraq are insane. And, she even questions whether Iran wants the US to leave Iraq(?) That’s naive.
Here’s the video:


** Does Hillary really believe that Iran wants the US to stay in Iraq?
** Why is it that democrats are so willing to throw Iraq and the Middle East into chaos?
** Why is there no “military solution in Iraq” but there is a military solution in Afghanistan?
** Why are democrats unable to see the great gains in Iraq over the past year?
** Do Democrats really think that America can trust them in Afghanistan fighting Al-Qaeda and the Taliban when they want to throw Iraq to Al-Qaeda and Iran?

This interview was frightening.

UPDATE: Hillary also said she won’t enforce federal law.

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