Jeha’s Nail is mapping the fight.
AMAZING Eyewitness video of the Beirut street fighting was posted on YouTube:

(Via Blacksmiths of Lebanon)
Ya Libnan has several more clips of the fighting.

** Blacksmiths of Lebanon is also running updates of the Hezbollah takeover of Beirut.

** The filthy Iranian regime blamed the Jews for the violence in Beirut!

** Back to Iraq has a lengthy post on the situation in Beirut.

In typical Hezbollah fashion, fighters roamed the streets among civilians…

A Shiite opposition gunman fires a rocket propelled grenade during clashes with pro-government supporters in a street in Beirut. Hezbollah fighters seized control of rival pro-government strongholds in Beirut on Friday as gunbattles rocked the Lebanese capital for a third day, propelling the nation dangerously close to all-out civil war. (AFP)

Hezbollah rockets hit the home of majority leader Saad Hariri on Friday.
ABC News Australia reported:

A rocket has hit the outer wall of the house of Lebanon’s majority leader Saad Hariri, as fighting continues for a third day in the country’s capital Beirut.

A source close to the Sunni politician says no one was injured by the attack on the leader’s west Beirut residence.

The attack comes as several Sunni neighbourhoods in west Beirut, considered strongholds of Lebanon’s ruling coalition, have fallen under the control of rival Hezbollah-led militants.

Hezbollah also forced the closure of pro-government media and took control of a pro-government TV station. Hariri’s Future TV is off the air after being threatened by the Hizbullah militia. Hezbollah also set fire to the al-Mustaqbal newspaper building.

Hezbollah posted signs of Syrian dictator Assad in their captured neighborhoods.

A Hezbollah gunman poses as he flashes a victory sign after putting up posters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and taking over of an office of the Future group loyal to Saad al-Hariri Majority leader, in the Rass al-Naba’a area in Beirut May 9, 2008. (REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir)

Beirut Spring has more photos of dictator Assad posted in the ruins.

Hezbollah took control of rival pro-government strongholds in Beirut on Friday.
The AFP reported:

Hezbollah fighters seized control of rival pro-government strongholds in Beirut on Friday as gunbattles rocked the Lebanese capital for a third day, propelling the nation dangerously close to all-out civil war.

Gunfire and the thump of exploding rocket-propelled grenades echoed across mainly Muslim west Beirut, where the fighting was concentrated between Sunni militants loyal to the Western-backed government and Shiite opposition gunmen.

At least 11 people been killed and dozens more wounded in the street battles that erupted Thursday after Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said a government crackdown on his Iranian-backed Shiite Muslim group was a declaration of war.

A Shi’ite opposition gunman with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher takes position in a street in Beirut May 8, 2008. (Fadi Ghalioum/Reuters)

AK at Beirut to the Beltway reported this on the Hezbollah takeover:

So Hizbullah takes over the capital, then what? The rest of the country? Hizbullah has spent much of the last year farming militias in other areas. Are “East Beirut” and Mount Lebanon next? Anybody who knows the history of the Lebanese civil war knows how impossible it is to win in those places.

So what are their long-term options here? So far, it looks like a stupid show of power. No wonder Jumblatt in his interview today didn’t express the need to even fight Nasrallah.

Nasrallah’s “resistance” is dead. He walked into the civil war trap. What’s left is a bunch of heavily armed people in makeshift tents, taking it out on defenseless civilians. You cannot force the rest of the population to join your eternal fight, or vote for you and your allies in the next election.

Right Wing Nuthouse has more on the illegal Hezbollah communications network.

A Gift From Tehran– ARMED HEZBOLLAH THUGS Roam Beirut
CLASHES IN BEIRUT– Hezbollah Declares Lebanese Army an Enemy!

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