Group Behind "Vote Both" Tied to Clinton Campaign

Who would have thought they’d be seeing this 6 months ago?
Hillary supporters are behind the Hillary for VP website.
The group behind the Vote Both campaign have ties to Hillary Clinton.
McClatchy reported:

A group called VoteBoth has been leading the charge for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to team up on the Democratic ticket.

But the people behind it come from just one of those camps — Clinton’s — and one of their goals may be keeping Clinton’s White House prospects alive.

The group’s founder, Adam Parkhomenko, until recently worked as an assistant to Patti Solis Doyle, who was Clinton’s campaign manager until February. Parkhomenko in 2003 founded the Draft Hillary for President Committee.

VoteBoth’s spokesman is Sam Arora. He’s a law school student who in recent years worked for Clinton and for former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe, Clinton’s presidential campaign chairman.

VoteBoth’s Facebook page lists three others as administrators, all with Clinton connections.

One is a Richmond-based Democratic technology consultant, who was quoted in a New York Times story about the Iowa Democratic Party’s 2006 Jefferson-Jackson dinner, where he was passing out “Hillary for President” stickers. Another appears online in a photo with Hillary Clinton and others at a summer leadership program from 2006.

A third is a history professor and campaign contributor whom Clinton named earlier this year in a press release of prominent Virginians who’d endorsed her.

David Axelrod from the Obama Campaign said this weekend on FOX News that there’s been no discussion about vice presidential nominees.

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