Exeter Bomber Nicky Reilly Had History of Mental Illness

People in his neighborhood described Nicky Reilly as a “big friendly giant” who was “obsessed” with computers.

Bomber Nicky Reilly suffered cuts and burns to his face. (Sky News)

Reilly was on “the fringes” of a radical Muslim group, one of 200 groups that the government is monitoring in Great Britain.
The Telegraph reported:

“As part of our operations to monitor the activities of radical groups across the country we were aware of this group and of Reilly himself but he was right on the fringes of a group that did not appear to be planning any attacks.

“At the moment we are looking at 200 separate groups and this was just one of those. We were observing them at a local level but had no detailed surveillance.”

Local people claim Reilly, who changed his name to Mohammed Rasheed, was”brainwashed” by a group that met at a fish and chip shop.

Two Asian-looking men were arrested today in connection with the terror attack.



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