Chicago Celebrates Memorial Day with Parade Honoring Dead Gang Leader

The founder of Chicago’s “Black Disciples” and co-founder of the violent “Gangster Disciples” was remembered this Memorial Day with a parade held in his honor.
The Gangster Disciples is one of the largest criminal organizations in the United States.

David Barksdale or “King David” (
In 1968 the leader of the Black Stone Rangers, Eugene Hairston, ordered a hit on David Barksdale or “King David”. David was shot six times while exiting a bar one night, but survived and continued running the gang, while Hairston was sent to prison for trying to organize his murder. On September 2nd 1974 Barksdale passed away from kidney failure as a result of the 1968 attack. He was survived by his three children and wife Yvonne Barksdale, until her death three years later –Wiki.

Chicago gang leader is honored on Memorial Day weekend.
The Chicago Sun-Times and LGF Quick Links reported:

The Fraternal Order of Police is fuming about the city’s decision to grant a permit that paved the way for a Memorial Day weekend march honoring the birthday of David “King David” Barksdale, founder of the Gangster Disciples street gang.

The parade along South Ashland Avenue in the Englewood neighborhood was held Saturday, apparently without incident. Chicago Police officers assigned to the event were forewarned to expect trouble because the Gangster Disciples have “strong ties” to another major street gang.

“Officers should be aware that the aforementioned gangs have historical and current conflict with other rival gangs as well as some factions experiencing internal conflict. Therefore, officers assigned to the area of the parade should be aware that the possibility of gang violence exists,” said a May 22 advisory from the police Bureau of Strategic Deployment.

FOP President Mark Donahue was incredulous that City Hall allowed it to happen. “It’s an insult. This is a violent street gang credited with multiple murders and chaos within communities. All residents in areas where they are located should be offended,” he said.

Police Department spokeswoman Monique Bond said the permit to hold an “anti-violence march” was granted by the Office of Emergency Management and Communications to a group known as “House of David, Put Down the Guns, Put on the Gloves.”

28 alleged Gangster Disciples members were charged in a south side drug sting last week.

A young girl visiting from Gary, Indiana was killed in a gang-related driveby shooting in Chicago this past weekend.

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