Chavez Threatens To Intervene in Bolivia!

Venezuela will intervene in Bolivia!

Hugo Chavez said that he would intervene in Bolivia to help fellow Marxist Evo Morales keep prosperous province Santa Cruz from seceding.
SFGate and The Real Cuba reported:

President Hugo Chavez says Venezuela will not tolerate a movement for secession in Bolivia’s eastern lowland states. Chavez says his government has not meddled in the domestic affairs of other Latin American nations (a lie), but would if Bolivian states now seeking greater autonomy from Bolivia’s central government push for total independence.

He did not say Thursday what specifically Venezuela would do.

Bolivia’s largest and richest state overwhelmingly backed a May 4 referendum seeking greater autonomy from the leftist government of President Evo Morales. Leaders insist they have no interest in full independence.

Hugo Chavez is a liar…
Chavista moneymen were busted in Miami for smuggling $800,000 from Hugo Chavez to Argentina to help the campaign of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Chavez was accused of funding the election of Leftist Fernando Lugo in Paraguay.


And, Chavez was busted trying to fly a load of weapons into Bolivia by local villagers in December ’07:

Hundreds of anti-Chavez protesters stoned a Venezuelan plane in Bolivia on December 6, 2007, forcing it to flee to an unknown location. The Bolivians suspected that the plane was carrying a load of weapons supplied by Chavez to his close ally and fellow Marxist Evo Morales of Bolivia.

And, don’t forget his now proven and extensive ties to the FARC terrorists of Colombia.

Somewhat Related… Cuban bloggers at Babalu are asking freedom loving people to sign this petition for the release of Cuban political prisoners.
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