Burka-Clad Bank Robbers Kill Policeman in Philadelphia

A policeman was shot dead after a bank robbery today in Philadelphia.
WFMZ TV says two of the suspects were dressed from head to toe in Muslim garb.

Steven Liczbinski, 40, was shot and killed with an assault weapon after a bank robbery in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia today. Liczbinski was married with two sons and a daughter. (Philly.com)

At least two robbers wearing Muslim garb from head to toe robbed a Bank of America branch at a ShopRite in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia today.
Philly.com reported:

A ShopRite official, not in the branch at the time, noticed the robbers as they moved away from the counter. He said they were masked and wore draped, neck-to-foot clothing. He could not tell if they were men or women. He saw no weapon.

Lt. Frank Vanore, a police spokesman, gave a slightly different description of the robbers.

He described one as a man wearing “Muslim garb” and carrying a shoulder bag.

He said that a second robber, apparently a woman, was wearing full-length “light-brown Muslim garb.”

A third possible robber, a man well over 6 feet, was described as wearing a “dreadlock wig” and a construction dust mask. He had on blue jeans and a flannel shirt.

Charles Johnson has more on the burqa bandits.


This is not the first time a crime like this was committed in Philadelphia.

One suspect was captured and is being questioned– one suspect was killed in the search.

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