Bummer… Crowd Starts Chanting "Obama" During Hillary Speech (Video)

Another rough night at work—
Obama supporters start chanting during Hillary’s talk.
(Turn the volume up to hear this video.)

Poor Hillary–
Obama supporters interrupted her speech at the North Carolina Jefferson Jackson Dinner last night.
They started chanting, “Obama! Obama!”
CBS News reported:

During the annual North Carolina Democratic Party’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner tonight, Hillary Clinton said she will not only back Barack Obama if he is the party’s nominee, she will work hard for him.

“If Senator Obama is the nominee, you better believe I’ll work my heart out for him,” Clinton said.

The comment seemed to backfire, as the large Obama presence began chanting his name, “causing Clinton to pause and try to regain control of the podium and talk over the chants.

She immediately followed up saying if she is the nominee, Obama “will do the very same for me.” It is unclear if that line was part of her original speech or if she used it as a way to bounce back from the interruption.

What a pity.
Pass the popcorn, Nahanni.

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