Brrrr… Blizzard Blasts South Dakota– 4 Feet of Snow Reported

Four feet of snow… In May?

A wintry blizzard slammed South Dakota this week producing 60 mph winds and leaving up to 4 feet of snow near Harding.
Press and Dakotan reported:

A storm that produced a foot or more of snow and 60 mph winds brought things to a halt in western South Dakota Friday and then raised worries about flooding from a rapid melt.

Interstate 90 was closed between Wall and the Wyoming border. Officials in Spearfish, Belle Fourche and Butte County declared snow emergencies. All roads were closed to travel except for emergency vehicles…

There were unconfirmed reports of 30 inches of snow in the Lead-Deadwood area, and 4 feet near Harding in the far northwest corner of the state.

The storm knocked down power poles in Harding County, and several counties were experiencing intermittent power outages, according to the state Department of Public Safety.

“This is a serious situation and we need the public’s cooperation to keep South Dakotans, emergency workers, and travelers safe for the next 24 hours,” Gov. Mike Rounds said in a midday statement. “Right now the severe weather is making our response and recovery efforts very difficult. As the weather clears, we’ll have more resources ready to clear the roads and help with the power concerns.”

Winds up to 66 miles per hour were blowing snow around in Rapid City Friday morning, when Mayor Alan Hanks told people to stay home.

Further west… This spring, temperatures 15 degrees below normal have kept the snow in the Utah mountains, which is good news for skiers. (FOX Utah)

Earlier this week it was reported that global warming will take a break in the next decade thanks to a natural shift in ocean circulations.


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UPDATE: Non-existent global warming is causing shark attacks!

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