Biden Campaign Officials Form Official Democrat C*nt Patrol

Former Biden Campaign Officials Find Special Place in Democrat Party

Marty Parrish moved from Arkansas to Iowa to lead the Biden Campaign Office in Des Moines:

Senator Joe Biden stands with his campaign office manager Marty Parrish.

Keith Dinsmore was the Communications Director for the Biden Campaign in Iowa.

Keith Dinsmore (on left) and Biden supporter Bill Romjue at a Biden event in Iowa. (Flickr)

The former Biden campaign officials found themselves at the town hall event with Senator John McCain.

They both signed in as reporters for the Huffington Post.

At the event the two teamed up to ask Senator McCain if he had called his wife a c*nt.
Here’s the video:
(Warning on language)

Apparently, the two former Biden staffers and Huffington Post reporters are now assigned to Democrat c*nt patrol.

Keep it classy, Democrats.
Hat Tip Topsecretk9 and Tweedburst

Dem Operative Asks McCain If He Called His Wife a C*nt
BUSTED!! McCain’s “C*nt Questioner” Is a Huffpo Reporter!!

UPDATE: Here is something that was passed on to me about Baptist tradition:

Baptist churches will occasionally license a promising young man, to preach, before he has finished his theological studies. It is not an ordination, and only suggests that the church has confidence in his spiritual understanding. After he has finished his education, and has shown an aptitude for ministry, the church will call for an ordination council, consisting of a number of experienced, ordained ministers. The council will examine the candidate (similar to an examination for an advanced degree.) They will determine his maturity, knowledge of scripture, doctrinal position, and understanding. If they determine that he is qualified, they will recommend that the church ordain him.

And Beto Ochoa wrote this:

Arkansas law provides you have to be registered with any county you are presenting yourself as such.

This requires an application and some sort of bonafides from an established church. My calls to the Crittenden County clerk were not answered and there is no voice mail system. I will try again Monday. I’m positive I am not the only person pursuing this question. This man strikes me as a liar and fabricator of credentials. He most certainly fabricated press credentials if the HuffPo denies any involvement with this matter. He also stated on the John Gibson show he was at one time a commodities trader dealing in foreign currency. I did not notice that on his resume.

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