Al-Qaeda Has Used 6,000 Suicide Bombers in Iraq

The majority of foreign terrorists enter Iraq to carry out suicide attacks, signing a pledge that formally commits them to that duty. Over 90% of suicide bombers are foreign terrorists, and these high profile attacks account for a large majority of the Iraqi losses inflicted by al-Qaeda. (MNF-Iraq)

Al-Qaeda has used 6,000 suicide bombers inside Iraq.
Sunni leaders reported this news based on records discovered in an Al-Qaeda training camp.
AKI reported:

Al-Qaeda has used 6,000 suicide bombers in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein, according to records discovered in a terrorist training camp in Diyala, northeast of Baghdad.

A spokesman for the local Sunni tribal militias, Sheikh Shaker al-Shamri, told the Iraqi newspaper al-Sabah, his men entered an al-Qaeda training camp for female suicide bombers near Baaquba.

In the camp they found correspondence belonging to a group of leaders from the terrorist organisation that calculated the suicide attacks conducted by the group since 2003.

The majority of the 6,000 suicide bombers used by al-Qaeda until now are Arab and Afghan citizens, not Iraqis. The documents confirmed claims made by Iraqi secret services.

And, just think, there is one political party in this country that wants to leave Iraq to go fight Al-Qaeda(?)
That is frightening.


Speaker Pelosi has denied that Al-Qaeda is operating in Iraq.

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