Will Senator John McCain Denounce This DNC Ad, Too?

Senator John McCain denounced the North Carolina Republican ad, without watching it, for showing Barack Obama with his controversial pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright. McCain said the the NC Republican Party officials were out of touch with reality in the Republican party for linking Obama to his America-hating mentor.

Barack Obama today said his ties to Wright were a legitimate political issue.

Let’s hope he didn’t expect the Democrats to follow his advice…
The DNC just came out with a nasty and possibly illegal ad of John McCain talking about “100 years in Iraq”:

(Washington Post– McCain has never talked about wanting a 100-year war in Iraq.)

Will John McCain denounce this ad, too?
Will Senator John McCain demand that Hillary and Barack Obama denounce this ad?
Will he denounce the DNC for putting up this dishonest ad?

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UPDATE- John McCain today said Obama opened the door today for making Wright an issue(?)

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