UN's El-Baradei Blasts Jews For Bombing Syrian Nuke Plant

The United Nations deplored the fact that it took 7 months for the US and Israel to go public with information on the Syrian nuclear plant.

Figures… The UN’s head of nuclear monitoring Mohamed ElBaradei attacked the US and Israel for bombing the Syrian nuclear plant that he knew nothing about.
The Jerusalem Post reported:

The head of the UN nuclear monitoring agency on Friday criticized the US for not giving his organization intelligence information sooner on what Washington says was a nuclear reactor in Syria being built secretly by North Korea.

IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei also chastised Israel for bombing the site seven months ago, in a statement whose strong language reflected his anger at being kept out of the picture for so long.

Elbaradei released a statement yesterday critical of the US and Israel but giving Syria and North Korea a pass:


“The Director General deplores the fact that this information was not provided to the Agency in a timely manner, in accordance with the Agency’s responsibilities under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), to enable it to verify its veracity and establish the facts,” ElBaradei’s office said.

Additionally, “the Director General views the unilateral use of force by Israel as undermining the due process of verification that is at the heart of the non-proliferation regime,” it said.

ElBaradei did not criticize North Korea or Syria in his statement.

The fact that Elbaradei was not told about the nuke plant shows the amount of trust the US and Israel have in the UN’s nuclear monitoring agency.
The silence speaks volumes.

UPDATE: Here’s a pretty cool computer simulation of the nuke plant bombing.

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