UK Terrorists Promised to Litter Streets With Body Parts

The British Islamists who plotted to blow up transatlantic passenger flights made chilling suicide videos in which they promised to leave body parts “decorating the streets”, a court has heard… UK police recovered a video showing five of the suspects recording suicide messages and “contemplating a violent death in the name of Islam”- Telegraph.
Freedom fighters…

Accused: Top, from left: Tanvir Hussain, Assad Sarwar, Umar Islam and Waheed Zaman
Bottom: Mohammed Gulzar, Arafat Waheed Khan, Ibrahim Savant, and Abdulla Ahmed Ali (Telegraph)

The Telegraph is following the terrorist trial in the UK.

The young Islamists had planned on taking their wives and children on the planes with them. The eight men were arrested in August 2006 when they were “almost ready” to strike –Daily Mail.

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