The Smell of Racism: Clinton Wants Lincoln-Douglas Style Debate

Um… Didn’t Lincoln and Douglas debate slavery? Is that what this is all about?… Another twisted racist attack by the Clinton’s?

Is this some sick stunt where Hillary gets Obama on stage, plays Democrat and defends slavery for 90 minutes?

Hillary Clinton wants to challenge Barack Obama to a Lincoln-Douglas style debate.
The AP reported:

Democratic rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton turned up the rhetoric Saturday in their increasingly heated primary battle as she issued a new debate challenge and he complained of a race that’s largely been reduced to trivia while working families feel economic pain.

Clinton took the debate dispute to a new level, challenging Obama to face off with her in a debate without a moderator, Lincoln-Douglas style.

“Just the two of us, going for 90 minutes, asking and answering questions, we’ll set whatever rules seem fair,” Clinton said while campaigning in South Bend.

Now… Since Lincoln and Douglas were debating slavery in their seven debates, wouldn’t this offer by Hillary be considered racist? Is the NY Times going to jump on this too like they did the Republican North Carolina ad on the racist Rev. Wright?


And, since both Hillary and Barack are cut and runners on Iraq isn’t it going to be hard for one of them to play the role of Republican Abe Lincoln?
This just reeks of racism.

UPDATE: Poor Hillary… Barack Obama says that he will not hold any more debates until after the next primaries. That’s weak.
That’s a bad move. Obama always makes Hillary look awful when they go one on one.

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