The Ahmadinejad Family Wedding Photo Album

Ahmadinejad’s eldest son Mahdi was married last week on April 15th.
Meir Javedanfar has a review of the ceremony at Pajamas Media.

Here are a few photos from the conservative wedding ceremony:

Here Mahmoud sits with his two sons Mahdi, a civil engineer (like his father), on the right, and his youngest Alireza, who is an internet addict, and a mechanical engineering student in the middle. (Farda News)

The men enjoy their orange, apple and banana in separate quarters away from the women. (Farda News)


A good friend of the Ahmadinejad’s enjoys the occasion. (Farda News)

* * * * *

Mahmoud’s son Mahdi married the daughter of Esfandiar Rahim Mashai (pictured with Pope Benedict), the head of Iran’s Tourism and Cultural Heritage Organization and vice president of Iran. (Infobae)

* * * * *

In March the Iranian Students News Agency posted photos of the Ahmadinejad clan enjoying some quality time together. Could one of these bashful ladies be the bride?

Ahmadinejad Family Enjoys Quality Time Together

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