Sweet!… EYE on the UN's Anne Bayefsky Tee's Off On Iran & Syria at UN Conference (Video)

Thank you, Carl!

Anne Bayesfsky, the editor of EYE on the UN and representing the Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust, tees off on the Iranian and Syrian UN delegates at the Durban Review Preparatory Committee in Geneva.
(6 minutes- Outstanding!)

Carl in Jerusalem has much more on this confrontation.

Actually, Anne goes off on Senegal, Syria, Algeria and Iran all in the same clip. But, her attack on Iran was perfect:


“A few minutes ago the representative of Iran stated that Iran played a constructive role in the first Durban Conference by hosting a regional preparatory meeting in Tehran. It may be of interest of participants to know that this constructive role consisted of the state ensuring that no Jewish NGO could attend a UN meeting billed as fighting racism and intolerance. Apparently, engaging in anti-Semitism itself, is a best practice in Iran.”


There is much more on this outrageous conference at EYE on the UN.

UN Durban Reps Attempt To Redefine “Antisemitism”

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