SICK!… University of Maine Lays Down US Flags for Students To Walk On For Art Project

At the University of Maine tracking on the US flag is “art.”

Enjoy a walk on the US flags in the student center.
The provost confronted outraged veterans who came to protest the display by saying- “It’s just a piece of cloth.”

Maine College Republicans took video of the veterans being asked to leave:

Lance Dutson passed this on:

This happened at the University in Maine yesterday, a friend of mine was there to film it. These art students did a project where they laid American flags on the floor of the student center for people to walk on.

They brought the cops in to protect it, when some College GOP kids and vets came to try to pick them up off the ground. In the video, the university provost actually says “It’s just a piece of cloth.” to the VFW guy, and one of the faculty tells the VFW chief that they are ‘actually protecting’ his freedom of speech by doing this.




Granite Grok has more on this “art project” including this photo of the brave young “artist” Susan Crane. Susan said it was “hard” for her to do this.

UPDATE 2: The Daily Bulldog has more and FOX News is now reporting on this outrageous display.

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