Senators Join Hundreds of "Vets For Freedom" Heroes In DC

** This Aint Hell ** has more photos and video from the outstanding rally today.
Hundreds of “Vets for Freedom” members showed up for the rally…

Pro-Freedom Senators and Veterans Rallied on Capital Hill This Morning!

Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Kit Bond, Jeff Sessions, Tom Coburn and Lindsay Graham joined former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Richard Myers on Capital Hill this morning to rally with hundreds of Vets For Freedom members in support of US military operations in Iraq.

US Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) (C) appears at a Vets for Freedom rally on Capitol Hill in Washington, April 8, 2008. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

After a month on the road rallying support for the mission in Iraq the Vets For Freedom members will surge on Capital Hill this morning.
From the VFF website:

Vets for Freedom will bring our message to Congress, when over 400 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans descend on Capitol Hill for “Vets on the Hill.” Our guys will enjoy breakfast with the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Richard Myers, before heading to Capitol Hill for a bi-partisan press conference with two-dozen members of Congress, including Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Lindsay Graham.

The Vets for Freedom tour passed through St. Louis on March 28, 2008.

Over 400 Vets for Freedom members were expected at the rally today on Capital Hill.

Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive was also in the crowd at the rally.

Frederick W. Kagan at National Review has the answers for those who would rather surrender than succeed in Iraq.

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