Saudi Religious Leaders Attack Un-Islamic Playstation

They say the videos make the kids nuts.

The Saudi religious leaders attacked popular video games, including Playstation, for being Un-Islamic and causing mental problems in children.
AKI reported:

Saudi religious leaders have attacked a popular video game, used mainly by children.

According to the Arab TV network al-Arabiya, Saudi Arabia’s minister of Islamic affairs has sent a newsletter to all imams in the country, warning about the ‘dangers’ that could result from using the popular Playstation video game.

“They are dangerous games, because they teach the wrong thing to children,” read the newsletter.

“They have a negative influence on the personality of children, and thus from an Islamic point of view, it is not acceptable to waste time in this manner…”

“These games cause mental problems in children,” said Badel Muhsin ibn Uthman Bin Baz, a professor from the Imam Saud university, according to Saudi daily al-Riyadh.

Maybe they’re afraid the children will become too violent?

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