Ruh-Roh… Obama's Links to Radical Islamic-Marxist Group Reported

Canada Free Press reported on Obama’s links to the radical Islamic group International Solidarity Movement today:

“How Obama’s church and associates link him to the ISM”

Israel Matzov has a report.


Barack and Michelle Obama sit with plagiarist, fabricator, and prominent PLO/Arafat advisor Professor Edward Said at a May 1998 Arab community event in Chicago at which Edward Said gave the keynote speech. (Bill Baar’s West Side)

Canada Free Press reported:

An article has appeared on the ISM affiliated website Electronic Intifada (EI) by one of its co-founders, Ali Abunimah, in which Abumimah recounts his close past working relationship with Obama prior to the presidential campaign and how Abunimah believes Obama is merely giving lip service to the Jewish community to get elected, and that once in office he will work for the Palestinian cause. Abunimah lists himself and is mentioned in subsequent Obama articles in the mainstream press merely as a “Palestinian activist.” Abunimah insists that Obama will “come around” once elected.

But Ali Abunimah is more than just some “Palestinian activist” based in Chicago, the same location as Reverend Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ. He is, in fact, one of the founders of the fiercely anti-Semitic ISM Arab group Al Awda, the Palestine Right of Return Coalition. Abunimah is a high level international leader of the ISM for the Arabs who travels extensively between Chicago, Europe and Ramallah.

Al Awda in Arabic means “The Return,” and the group not only calls for the complete destruction of Israel, even denying Israel’s current existence on its website and urging boycotts against not only Israelis, but American Jews and their businesses, but also calls for specifically supporting Arab terrorists in Iraq who kill US soldiers. Among its more than 130 chapters across the US and Canada, Al Awda’s New Jersey chapter is led by a young woman named Charlotte Kates who has called Israeli children killed by suicide bombers “fair game.” The ISM’s Al Awda openly supports terrorism as “legitimate resistance” in ISM revolutionary lingo.

…If Barack Obama didn’t know about Abunimah’s writings (and Abunimah says he did), the same as his claims of being unaware of Reverend Wright’s remarks after 20 years, then Obama is not competent to be our President. Abunimah likes to lie and claim Al Awda has nothing to do with the ISM or Electronic Intifada, though plenty of evidence exists on the website the homepage at showing the contrary.

But Obama’s association with the ISM through his church and lobbying in Chicago goes even deeper than just his past links to Al Awda and Ali Abunimah. His pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and the Trinity Union Church of Christ in Chicago, are both equally involved with the ISM.

There is much more- HERE.

This is horrible news for the Obama campaign.
It is too bad that it leaked out at this time in the election.

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UPDATE: The ISM was also linked to the Chicago Easter Mass attack by the radical Leftist group “The Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War.” ISM members worked with the CSAW in the attack and filmed the assault on the churchgoers for the internet.
Hickeysite was right.

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