Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Thomas Jefferson Was a Rapist, Too!

Do you suppose the Obama Family missed this sermon, too?
The one where Wright said that Thomas Jefferson was not just a pedophile but a rapist, too?

Here’s a scary thought for the Obama folks…
Tom Blumer downloaded over 100 TUCC (Trinity United Church of Christ) bulletins a couple of weeks ago from their website.

Today Tom Blumer at BizzyBlog released an outrageous question and answer piece by Barack Obama’s mentor, Jeremiah Wright:

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In his November 6, 2005 TUCC bulletin Rev. Jeremiah Wright contends that:


** Thomas Jefferson was a pedophile (This was already reported this past weekend.).
** Thomas Jefferson was a rapist, too.
** George Washington also fathered a slave child.

Here are a few sentences from what Wright wrote in the November 6, 2005 TUCC bulletin:

Both Washington and Jefferson were owners of African slaves and fathered babies by African women… Thomas Jefferson- The man who was a pedophile and raped the 15 year-old African girl, Sally Hemmings-… In white religion of 18th Century America, some white Christians saw nothing wrong with owning slaves, sleeping with African women and Killing Africans.

Yes. That was actually printed in a church bulletin.

The most surprising thing about Obama’s church is that any white person who came to visit would walk out of there alive!

Hat Tip Maggie Thurber

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