"Prayer" With 6 NUDE HOOKERS Gets Tehran Police Chief Jailed

You play. You pay.

Tehran’s police chief, Reza Zarei, led the modesty crackdown on women in Tehran. Hundreds of women were arrested. An unspecified number of women were taken into custody and forced to undergo psychological counseling. But, his fun ended after he was caught in bed with 6 naked hookers.

He said they were praying.

The regime in Iran has been hush-hush about this case but announced today that Reza Zarei was headed to the clanker.
The Times Online reported:


An Iranian police chief in charge of fighting vice in Tehran was jailed today for reportedly consorting in an underground brothel.

Local media reported that General Reza Zarei was jailed after being caught with six naked women at a prostitution den in the Iranian capital.

Ali Reza Jamshidi, a spokesman for Iran’s judiciary, confirmed today that Mr Zarei had been taken to jail. He refused to elaborate further about the case, however, saying it was now “in the legal stage.”

But officials, speaking anonymously, have supported the allegations, which have been extensively reported in recent weeks

Prostitution is illegal in Iran and even talking about sex is frowned upon by the hard-line clerics ruling the country. The order to raid the alleged brothel was reportedly given directly by Iran’s Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi.

Mr Zarei was in charge of a program to clean cities from corruption and in recent months had reported arrests of young men and women for illicit relationships and not respecting the Islamic dress code.

State media in recent weeks reported Mr Zarei’s replacement but made no mention of his arrest or the reasons that led to his detention.

FOX News has more.

Another Prostitution Ring Busted… Tehran Police Chief Caught in Bed With 6 Hookers
Tehran Police Chief Arrested After Found in Bed With 6 Hookers

UPDATE: Israellycool says there may have been a sex tape made by the police chief.
That ought to be a hit on YouTube.

UPDATE 2: (Wednesday April 23) Zarei attempts suicide in Iranian jail.

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