Politico Reports on the Marxist Ideology of Barack Obama Sr.

The Politico took a bold step today and reported on the Marxist paper by Barack Obama Sr. that was making the rounds last week on conservative blogs. This follows the questions posed yesterday by William Kristol on Barack Obama Jr.’s Marxist slant.

The article “Long-lost Article by Obama’s Dad Surfaces” by by Ben Smith and Jeffrey Ressner discusses the Marxist thesis published by Barack Obama’s father back in 1965:

Barack Obama’s dad was such an important but absent figure in his life that he devoted his first book, Dreams From My Father, to the search for details about his father’s life and how the quest helped forge a son’s identity.

Now, a long-forgotten essay written 43 years ago by Obama’s father has surfaced, and its contents reveal much not only about the senior Obama’s grasp of economic theory but also the iconoclastic politics that, his son would later write, sent him into the spiral of career disappointment that concluded with his death in 1982 in his native Kenya.

Parts of the article, titled “Problems Facing Our Socialism,” have been making the rounds on several small blogs over the past week, but Politico is now reproducing the entire piece in its original form online for the first time…

Greg Ransom, a blogger who unearthed the journal at UCLA’s library, calls the article “the Rosebud” that provides the missing key to Obama’s memoir. Ransom wrote about its contents recently in a posting with the provocative headline, “Obama Hid His Father’s Socialist and Anti-Western Convictions From His Readers.”

(It was a good article by the Politico except for the fact that those “small blogs” included HotAir, Little Green Footballs, Gateway Pundit, Ace of Spades, Marginal Revolution– blogs that are not so small.)

Here is the cover of that paper from 1965 by the communist Barack H. Obama Sr.:

PrestoPundit was a little more direct with his assessment of the article including Obama Senior’s desire of:


— 100% taxation
— communal farms / the elimination of private farming
— the nationalization of businesses owned by “Europeans” and “Asians”.
— “active” measures to bring about a classless society

It looks like the fruit truly does not fall far from the vine.

Hmm… The “Dreams of My Father” Were Communist In Nature

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has a not so glowing review of the left-wing piece.

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