Poland Defies EU– Makes Stand Against Hezbollah

Poland is defying the European Union by making a strong stand against the terror organization Hezbollah.
Polish officials also reported that a committee concluded that the Bulgarian mafia has been funding Hezbollah.
Europa passed on this news:

Polish MEPs demand from EU to regard Hezbollah as terrorist organization. “It will be easier to investigate them and monitor their financial transfers in the EU” says Konrad Szymañski (PiS-pictured), on campaign initiators.

Hezbollach is listed as a terrorist organization in the US, UK and Israel. Brussels objected to such a decision so far. Some other organizations, as the Council of Europe is against any terrorist lists at all, because people being charged for relations with terrorism do not have the possibility to defend themselves. On the other hand experts say that Hezbollah gathers money in EU member states. In the last few days, a Bulgarian parliamentary committee revealed that Bulgarian mafia bosses have financed Hezbollah.

Szymanski states, that Hezbollah’s activity destabilizes the situation not only in Lebanon or Israel, but also in the whole Middle East. The first step of the campaign will be to debate the forum at the European Parliament. A proposal will be signed by 40 MEPs and will be filed in coming days.

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