Photographer Beat Down While Investigating Teacher Beatdown

Art teacher Jolita Berry, was viciously attacked in a classroom at Reginald F. Lewis High School earlier this month. Video of Berry being pummelled by a female student while rolling around on the ground was captured by videophone and shared with the world via the Internet and television.

WBAL TV 11 played the shocking video of the art teacher beatdown:

Art teacher Jolita Barry (pictured) says she is still too frightened to go back to the school to teach.

Imagine that?

After this incident The Examiner in Baltimore sent a photographer down to the school to take some photos and talk with students.
Guess what happened?
She got a beatdown, too.
WBAL and Inside City Charm reported:

A photographer for The Examiner (Baltimore) was attacked by a person believed to be a student while the photographer was taking pictures at a school where an art teacher was assaulted earlier this month, the newspaper said.

Arianne Starnes, 24, said she was thrown to the ground Thursday morning after an apparent student at Reginald F. Lewis High School left a group of about 20 other persons.

Starnes told the newspaper that others in the group had posed for pictures to be used by the newspaper in a special report when the attacker wearing a blue bandana emerged and accused her of taking his picture. Starnes said she told the boy she had not photographed him.

The attacker grabbed Starnes’ cameras, pulling at the straps and threatening her. After a struggle, Starnes was pushed backward to the ground, falling on her cameras.

Starnes stood up and was again confronted by the boy, who this time pointed his finger at her head and pretended to shoot her, saying “I told you not to take a f… picture.”


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