OUTRAGE!! DNC Supports Our "Blown Up" American Troops!

DNC Advertisement Shows Blown Up US Troops!

Here is a screengrab from the DNC Ad in case they decide to take it down.
Do you suppose they got the footage from an Al-Qaeda in Iraq snuff video?

Take another look at this dishonest DNC ad attacking Senator John McCain…
Pay special attention to the segment after they makeover McCain’s “100 years” remark.
The ad shows two US soldiers getting blown up by an IED!
Here’s the Democratic National Committee attack ad:

Newsmax reported that several veteran’s groups are irate over this outrageous ad, via LGF Quick Links:

After the new ad’s voice-over castigated McCain for suggesting that the United States may stay in Iraq for “maybe 100” years, the footage becomes shocking.

The DNC ad then shows an explosive device detonating near two soldiers standing beside a palm tree. The two soldiers disappear in an explosive fireball. The video also shows images of burning vehicles.

The footage appears similar to film taken by jihadists who videotape IED explosions that kill American combat troops. The jihadists place the video on the internet to tout their “kill Americans” campaign success. The Army estimates that more than 6,500 jihadist Web sites promote violence against America and American troops.

Many U.S. media outlets have refused to air excerpts from such videos for several reasons – including out of respect of the servicemen and women depicted in the videos.

The DNC apparently does not agree. Calls to the DNC for comment and for information about the footage went unreturned.



Weasel Zippers says- “You stay classy, democrats.”

UPDATE: UNREAL!!! The DNC took the footage from Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.

UPDATE 2: A review of the movie Fahrenheit 911 it discusses “footage shot of American soldiers in Iraq” that was used in the film. Considering that it is unlikely that US cameras were present for the scene it is likely that the footage that the DNC shows in their ad may be from “snuff films” by Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

UPDATE 3: Moore may have found this footage for Fahrenheit 911 from the anti-American documentary “On the Brink”:

“American audiences may get to see snippets of the documentary in Michael Moore’s award-winning Fahrenheit 9/11, depending on how it’s released.”

UPDATE 4: Michelle Malkin is looking into where the clip came from. Confederate Yankee has more screen shots.

UPDATE 5: LiveLeak has the “Iraq on the Brink” video.

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