Oops…Clinton's Offended Penn Voter Is From New Jersey

Hillary’s offended Pennsylvanian is from Jersey…

Clyde Thomas says the Clinton campaign knew that he was registered in New Jersey when they asked him to be in Hillary’s “Offended in Pennsylvania” ad.
The Swamp and Drudge reported:

Clyde Thomas, who sports a goatee in the ad and says, “the good people of Pennsylvania deserve a lot better than what Barack Obama said,” is actually registered in New Jersey. He voted there for Clinton Feb. 5. He only recently moved to Bethlehem, Pa.

“It shouldn’t be a big deal. I explained it to the campaign,” Thomas said in an interview. “I see Pennsylvanians for what they are. I grew up with the values of Pennsylvanians.”

He added: “I am from a perspective of someone coming into Pennsylvania new like Barack Obama is, and seeing how great they are and how they welcome me.”

Thomas said he was born in Scranton, but has lived his entire life in Somerville, N.J. He is a 46-year-old unemployed environmental engineer.

He said he has been volunteering for the campaign in recent weeks, handing out literature and making phone calls. He said the campaign approached him about appearing in the ad, which was filmed in Bethlehem, a city of about 72,000 residents in eastern Pennsylvania where Bethlehem Steel once stood tall.

UPDATE: Hillary already flipped the ad.
Poor Clyde Thomas was dropped… The Clinton Campaign did not include an update saying the ad had been altered.

Here is Clyde in Hillary’s earlier release:

Unfortunately for Hillary, the ad was posted several times and analyzed on YouTube with Clyde playing the part of a Pennsylvanian.

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