Oh Brother… Hillary Says She Has Her Own Bowling Ball, Bag & Shoes

When she was not out dodging sniper fire Hillary Clinton liked to wind down by bowling a few frames with her own bowling ball and bag during her White House years.

CNN Political Ticker reported:

Hillary Clinton is lucky Barack Obama didn’t bite on her April Fools Day wager.

Appearing on the talk show Ellen Monday, the New York senator showed her bowling skills may be every bit as lacking as those of her chief rival. On a makeshift bowling alley on the show’s set, Clinton missed the pins entirely on her first try, and only knocked out one on her second and final attempt.

Her bowling performance follows that of Obama, who scored only a 37 at a Pennsylvania bowling alley earlier this month. Obama later called that score “terrible,” and joked, “My economic plan is better than my bowling,” to which a fellow bowler quipped, “It has to be.”

Clinton herself later ribbed Obama for the display, challenging him to a “bowl-off” for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“A bowling night. Right here in Pennsylvania. The winner take all,” she said. “I’ll even spot him two frames.” Clinton quickly revealed that was an April Fools Day joke.

She told reporters later on her campaign plane she even has her own bowling ball, bag, and shoes from her days in the White House, though acknowledged she hasn’t bowled since those days.

Yesterday, Hillary bowled on the Ellen Show.
Notice Hillary does not even know where to stand to throw the ball:

It’s just too bad she didn’t have her own ball and shoes.
That would have made a huge difference.
Color me skeptical.

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