Obama Supporting Union Thugs Bust Up Nurses Dinner- Trample & Pummel Attendees! Beat RN's With Signs!


7 busloads of SEIU members and Obama supporters busted into a nurses association dinner in Michigan last weekend. They chanted and banged their fists against the doors outside the event until one of their members let them in.

The SEIU members then trampled over people and injured several of the attendees. The nurses had to flee the area and run down the service hallway for their own safety. When the nurses went back they could see the SEIU members throwing punches and hitting people with their signs. The RN’s treated their injured friends on the floor until ambulances arrived.
The nurses are now filing a complaint against the SEIU:

Here’s the video description:

The California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee condemned a brutal assault by busloads of purple cloaked staff of the Service Employees International Union who smashed into a conference of union members Saturday night in Dearborn, Mi. and physically assaulted women and union members who stood in their path.

More Hope and Change…

SEIU Union Thugs busted into a labor conference dinner, bashed through the doors, and pummelled nurses with their signs.
One retired woman had her head cut open.
Labor Notes reported:


As the 2008 Labor Notes conference banquet was beginning 200-300 chanting SEIU members and staffers rushed through the side door of the hotel, nearest the banquet hall. The doors had apparently been opened from inside by SEIU staffers attending the conference (see below). Most were wearing the signature SEIU purple T-shirts; some carried signs denouncing the California Nurses Association. CNA Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro had originally been scheduled to address the banquet, although her cancellation had been announced earlier in the day.

About 15 conference participants were acting as security at the banquet hall doors. When the chanting protesters entered, waving noisemakers, they and others quickly formed a double line in front of the doors, linking arms to block the way. Some participants were thrown to the ground by larger SEIUers. One protestor broke through the first line and, finding himself trapped between the two lines, flailed wildly. Former Labor Notes office manager Dianne Feeley, a retiree from American Axle, was pushed and fell, cutting her head, and was treated at an emergency room. Protesters continued to try to advance toward the doors, some nonviolently and others more aggressively.

These Obama supporters are currently running TV ads in Pennsylvania.

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