Obama Says Petraeus Did Good Job But Will Pull Troops Anyway

Figure this one out–
Senator Barack Obama says that General Petraeus did a good job in Iraq and that he will back Petraeus for his new command post.
Senator Barack Obama also says he will withdraw troops from Iraq immediately if he becomes president even if his generals in the field believe it is a bad idea.
Reuters reported:

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, who has called for withdrawing U.S. combat troops from Iraq, said on Sunday he will vote to confirm the top commander there for a new job as head of the military’s Central Command.

President George W. Bush has nominated Gen. David Petraeus, who led the buildup of troops in Iraq, to be in charge of operations across the Middle East and Central Asia.

If confirmed by the Senate, Petraeus will still be in that job when the next president replaces Bush at the White House in January 2009. Obama hopes that person is him.

“Yes,” Obama told “Fox News Sunday” when asked if, as a senator from Illinois, he would approve Petraeus. “I think Petraeus has done a good tactical job in Iraq.”

Obama has said he would start pulling out more troops as soon as he became president.

Obama believes Petraeus has done a good job in Iraq but wants to surrender anyway.
Go figure.

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