Obama Launches Israeli Blog to Counter His Controversial Anti-Israel Background

Barack and Michelle Obama used to eat dinner frequently with their close friend and former PLO operative Rashid Khalidi and his wife Mona in Chicago. Khalidi held a fundraiser for Barack during at least one of his campaigns.

Barack and Michelle Obama’s church of 20 years would regularly spew out anti-Israeli commentary including the reprinting pro-Hamas articles.

The Obama’s frequented Palestinian and Arab-American community events in Chicago including a May 1998 community fundraiser at which hostile Israel critic Edward Said was the keynote speaker.

Barack and Michelle Obama and radical Leftist anti-Israel Professor Edward Said at a May 1998 Arab community event in Chicago at which Edward Said gave the keynote speech. (Bill Baar’s West Side)


An Obama acquaintance, Abunimah, says the Senator has since “changed” his proclaimed views from those he expressed privately, in order to get Jewish donors and votes- via Debbie Schlussel.

Since he is running for president, the Obama campaign has decided to launch a blog in Hebrew to show their new love for Israel.
YNET News reported:

The road to the White House evidentially passes through Tel Aviv, at least according to Senator Barack Obama. The Democratic presidential hopeful is vigorously wooing the State of Israel in an effort to win the hearts of Jewish voters in the United States.

All candidates are well aware of the fact that Israel—and by extension the Jewish vote—are an integral part of the US presidential campaign. Republican presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, has already visited Israel and Obama plans to follow suit with a visit to the Jewish state.

Obama also plans to launch a vigorous PR campaign to win Israeli support. Obama’s campaign headquarters has recently launched a Hebrew blog, the first ever by a US presidential candidate. The blog, powered by the Tapuz internet website, is available to web surfers in both Hebrew and English and was launched Friday morning.

Obama’s campaign managers decided to launch this blog prior to the Philadelphia primaries in an attempt to win over the city’s ample Jewish community.

…Recent US polls indicate that in spite of persistent accusations of anti-Semitism, Obama is still fairly popular with Jewish voters, roughly splitting the Jewish vote with Senator Hillary Clinton. Obama’s campaign mangers are concerned, however, that his anti-Israeli image might plague him in the future.

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