Obama Advisor Blamed Israelis & Supported Syria On Nuke Plant Blast

Satellite images taken in August (left) and October showing installations east of the Euphrates River in eastern Syria. The image on the rights shows the suspected reactor site was completely destroyed by an Israeli airstrike in September 2007. The White House and the CIA told key lawmakers in secret that North Korea helped Syria build a nuclear reactor at a site destroyed by an Israeli raid.
(AFP/Digital Globa/File)

After the Syrian reactor plant was bombed back in September, Obama foreign policy advisor Joseph Cirincione blamed Israelis and conservatives for promoting a line of nonsense that North Korea was assisting the Syrians.

Commentary Magazine points out what Joseph Cirincione, senior fellow and director for nuclear policy at the Center for American Progress and an Obama advisor, had to say about the possible nuclear link between North Korea and Syria back on September 14, 2007:


This story is nonsense. The Washington Post story should have been headlined “White House Officials Try to Push North Korea-Syria Connection.” This is a political story, not a threat story. The mainstream media seems to have learned nothing from the run-up to war in Iraq. It is a sad commentary on how selective leaks from administration officials who have repeatedly misled the press are still treated as if they were absolute truth…

Some Israelis want to thwart any dialogue between the U.S. and Syria.

In typical leftist fashion, Cirincione’s first reaction was to blame neocons and Israelis for cherry-picking information.
His assessment was dead wrong and dangerously inaccurate.
Is this really the type of leadership that America needs?

UPDATE: Syrian ambassador to the US denies it was a reactor.

Update 2: Powerline says Obama’s “bad luck” with advisors continues.

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