N-Word Survives Funeral– Found in Mayor's Sex Texts

Do you remember that n-word funeral held by the esteemed Detroit chapter of the NAACP Chapter at its annual convention?

Do you remember Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick giving the eulogy?

The NAACP buried the n-word last summer in Detroit at its annual meeting.

Well– It’s alive!
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick resurrected the n-word last month during a press conference.


Now, we find out that the mayor was using the n-word freely in his sex text messages to his mistress and former chief of staff Christine Beatty.
Jammie Wearing Fool reported on the illicit exchanges:

Beatty wrote to Kilpatrick: “I have wanted to hold you so badly all day, but I was trying to stay focused on work. So, I promise, not to keep you longer than 15 minutes.”

Mayor Kilpatrick replied: “Don’t promise (N-word.)

And, then there’s this:

On April 8, 2003, Beatty wrote: “You told me that you would be my boyfriend everyday until I was your wife. Are you renigging?”

Kilpatrick replied: “Hell no! Don’t start none. Won’t be none …! LOL”.

It is interesting– the ones who vowed to end this vulgar practice are the very ones who are caught violating it.

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