Mugabe Thugs Beat Opposition in Zimbabwe– Torch Homes

The horrid Mugabe Regime kicked off their latest campaign against the people.
They call it codename Operation Mavhoterapapi (Where you put your ‘X’). The regime thugs are beating the opposition and torching their offices and homes.

A reprisal attack by Robert Mugabe’s militias in Zimbabwe. (Sokwanele Photos)

The high court in Zimbabwe today refused to release the election results according to the BBC. The court decided instead to continue with recounts from several of the districts.

Andrew wrote with an update from Zimbabwe where he still has family members:


I believe the country is essentially run by the military now. The two top Generals, Air Force and Army, were ready to kill Tsvangirai but were reigned in with threats of “western troops” showing up. They are essentially Mafia bosses, the country is run by thugs – the tribal bullies keeping everyone down.

Don’t kid yourself, Jim. Zim has become another African statistic. Another dumping ground for the eternal African Aid orgs and their do-gooders.

It really doesn’t matter who takes over. Guns rule. MDC do not have the army or police backing. At worst, another Sierra Leone. At best, another Nigeria – minus the offshore oil deposits.

Homes have been destroyed in reprisal attacks against Zimbabwean citizens in the Mashonaland East province. (Sokwanele)

Sokwanele reported that Mugabe thugs are torching the opposition’s homes and offices in Zimbabwe:

The pattern that is emerging is that of retribution being carried out against the District level of the MDC Tsvangirai leadership.

These houses (destroyed on Wednesday evening) belong to MDC district office bearers in the Macheke area of Mashonaland East.

Other news across the region:

There are reports of people fleeing from the army in Kotwa (Mutoko). The ones that can’t afford the bus fare to Harare are hiding in the bush.

The Army are beating locals in Mt Darwin, Raffingora, and Karoi. In their words: “They fear for their life.” Some are crossing the border to Mozambique to seek refuge status.

There are reports of the army also beating locals in Mkoba (Gweru).

Finally, Morris Banda the zanu pf losing candidate councilor in Tafara (Mabvuku) has hired zanu pf thugs (called chipangano) who are threatening residents and beating them for not voting for him.

The opposition called for mass protests today across the country demanding that Mugabe step down.

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